Froyo update

If you haven’t already heard, the source for Froyo dropped yesterday. After merging, and applying 7 more patches, I was able to get the “generic” product to build in the Project Durden tree. This essentially means that we can currently build and test all of the open-source bits of Android, with all of the changes we’ve made to those bits.

As it stands, the only thing left to do is to update our vendor overlay (the repo that stores all of the proprietary binaries that can only be obtained by pulling files off a Droid running Froyo) to pull the Froyo files. This is actually slightly more complicated than it may sound. Because the files in question are all proprietary, the process of locating and pulling the files is very much trial and error.

If you’d like to help, we’d very much appreciate if someone could sort the vendor overlay for us, so we can focus on the kernel.

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